Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse When Purchasing South Central VT Real Estate

remorseAccording to Realestate.com, buyer’s remorse is one of the top ten mistakes made when purchasing a home. Finding the perfect home and making the decision to buy a home are not easy tasks. First, you spend hours on the computer researching South Central VT real estate and neighborhoods, perfecting your search criteria on MLS websites, and viewing many virtual tours.  Then, you begin making appointments to go take a look at the ones you think stand a good chance at being the future home of your family. 

As you walk through the house you envision the happy life you and your family would live and the future décor for this room and that room. You see houses that “require too much work,” “don’t have enough storage,” ones that are “too small” or maybe even one that is “do-able but not perfect.” Finally after weeks or even months of searching, you find “THE house.” Now you send in a promising offer and anxiously wait for feedback. You and seller come to an agreement and the offer is accepted. Once the papers are signed you can relax and enjoy the excitement, right?

Wrong! Shortly after signing the agreement many people experience buyer’s remorse. When a person begins to have feelings of doubt about their decision it is known as buyer’s remorse. The feelings of doubt are also accompanied by stress and anxiety. What if this is not the right decision? Am I getting a fair deal? Is this the right house for me and my family? What if there is something better out there? Questions start invading the committed buyer’s mind causing them to become hesitant and loose confidence in their decision. This worrisome state of mind, known as buyer’s remorse, is becoming more common in purchasing Rutland VT real estate.           

There are several ways to avoid buyer’s remorse when purchasing South Central VT real estate. The biggest worry people have when experiencing buyer’s remorse is finances. Buyer’s often worry about whether they will be able to comfortably afford their soon to be home. In order to prevent this from being a problem make sure that you have chosen a good price range that takes all of your other expenses into consideration. The appropriate price range may not include the maximum amount you are approved for; however it is very important not to exceed your set amount. The second biggest part of buyer’s remorse is being satisfied with the house. People experiencing buyer’s remorse second guess their choice in a home. They begin to believe that the chosen home may not be the best one that is out there. Before you started looking for a home you probably made a list of things you were looking for. Take this list of things you were looking for in a home and see how many of the things match up with the characteristics of the house that was purchased. If most of the things match up, especially the most important ones, then there shouldn’t be any second guessing. If they aren’t comparable, then try to figure out why the compromises were made and if they still make sense. 

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