Has Vermont Real Estate Hit Bottom?

Many Vermont real estate buyers want to wait until the market reaches bottom to buy, insuring they are getting the best possible price. This is a natural thing to do…but how do you know when the market has reached bottom?

Usually it is by looking back and saying “Oh, I wish I had Bought back then!” We may be reaching the bottom of the current real estate market and beginning to see the return of appreciation. Do Not Miss your opportunity.

Here is an “Interesting” excerpt from CNBC. I suggest you take it as a “For What It’s Worth”. There are certainly some good and some “Over the Top” comments in this clip: http://www.CNBC.com/id/29757411.

Personally, I don’t subscribe to “Over the Top” commentary. I just think it makes sense to realize we are likely at or very near the bottom of the housing market and it IS a great time to buy a home! Rates are extremely low, Sellers are ready to sell and there is a large inventory of homes in all price ranges. The “Magic Three”… Think about it… Take advantage of it… Give us a call!

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