How to Add Light to Your Ludlow VT Home

We’ve all rolled our clocks back an hour and are beginning to adjust to the earlier onset of evening. In the winter months our homes can seem darker than usual, but there are ways to use the natural light that is available in your home to brighten things up. Money Magazine has published a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for adding light to any home – among the topics covered are:click here. For more information about Ludlow VT real estate, please visit or call me at 802-353-1983.

Skylights (pick ones that open and choose carefully where to put them)
Big windows (install them to showcase your best views, but don’t forget to add small windows above or below them that open)
Window height (put windows high on the wall, but not tight to the ceiling)
Window grouping (group several windows together, but don’t separate them with fat supports)
Window shades (install shades in windows that face east, west, and south; avoid using UV-inhibiting coating)

Following these tips for adding light to your home will help to increase your home’s value. To receive a complimentary comparative home value analysis,

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