Holiday Décor Goes Green

“Going green” has been one of the biggest trends of 2007, with more and more homeowners seeking to make environmentally-friendly choices on everything from cleaning products to flooring. So shy shouldn’t our concern for the environment carry over to our holiday decorations this year? If your home is in need of some holiday cheer, here are some “green” ideas to brighten things or call me at 802-353-1983. To receive a complimentary home value analysis, please click here.

· Use LED lights – using LED lights to decorate the inside and outside of your home will bring you many benefits. The lights last a whopping 50,000 hours – that means you could actually pass these lights down to your grandchildren some day! Adding to their cost effectiveness is the fact that you will be using 90% less energy with LED bulbs – resulting in an electricity bill that the Griswald family would envy! LED lights are also safer – they don’t produce as much heat and considerably reduce the risk of fire, always a concern during the holiday season.
· Use solar-powered decorations – the “new kid on the block” when it comes to holiday décor, these lights not only save you money on energy – they don’t use any energy at all! Place the solar panels where they can collect light during the day, and the lights will automatically light up when it gets dark and shine for about 8 hours.
· Use mother nature’s decorations – forget going out to shop for decorations. Some of the best décor can be found right in your own backyard! Use a real Christmas tree rather than a manufactured, non-biodegradable one. Even better, buy a young tree with roots and re-plant it after the holiday season! A basket of pinecones make a beautiful and rustic centerpiece, and fresh pine straw can be made into a lovely and fragrant wreath to display.

Happy tree-trimming!

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