Tax Benefits of Owning a South Central Vermont Home

New tax code changes create benefits for owners of a South Central Vermont home. For years, many people have usually turned away from considering taking on the financial responsibilities of being a homeowner. Renters and prospective home owners are well aware of all the financial stress that comes with owning a home, which makes them hesitant to make the big step and commitment. What might not be known is that homeowners are receiving more tax benefits now than ever before. The Internal Revenue Services, known as the IRS, has made owning a South Central Vermont home a more favorable option in several ways. 

tax creditMonthly house payments bring the biggest tax benefit to home owners. The interest included in the monthly mortgage payments is tax deductible as long as the loan is for less than a million dollars. IRS guidelines also allow deductions for interest on refinancing and home equity loans. However, they do put limits on how much is actually allowed to be deducted. Borrowing against the equity of your South Central Vermont home is an option renters do not have. Renters also do not have the ability to file federal tax deductions on their monthly rental payments. 

Homeowners are also allowed to deduct the points paid in order to purchase their home. If the deductions are itemized, points can be deducted the same year the home is purchased. Every point is equal to 1% of the entire loan amount. When the seller pays certain fees during the purchase, points are also deducted. 

Depending on the state, homeowners who meet specific criteria may qualify for real estate tax exemption. A portion of capital gains may also be deducted. When selling the property, the IRS allows a certain portion of the profit made to be excluded. Single taxpayers are allowed to exclude up to $250,000 in capital gains, and $500,000 for married couples. 

In 2007, the government added more to the miscellaneous tax credits receivable by homeowners. For example, the Energy Credit allows homeowners to receive $200 for home improvements that make the property more energy efficient. 

There are many benefits to owning a South Central Vermont home. Renters and hesitant prospective homeowners should take advantage of the tax breaks that are now available.

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