Number Of Vacant Homes Surges has reported the number of vacant homes increased dramatically at the end of 2006 compared to the end of 2005, up 34 percent. This is an indication that housing starts need to slow even more than they ahe already.

Most of these vacant homes are new construction, but the number of vacant resale homes is up also. If a home is for sale due to a job transfer, many owners will leave it vacant if it hasn’t sold, rather than have the family separated for an extended period of time.

Vacant homes don’t show as well as occupied homes do. It is harder for the buyer to visualize howfurniture will fit in a room if that room is empty. Furniture in the room allows easier spacial relationships.

If you are moving becasue of a job transfer and would like to talk about how to get your home sold in the shortest period of time and not leave it vacant, give me a call, 802-226-8022. Or visit my website to learn more about Ludlow Vt real estate.

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