To Buy Or Not To Buy?

In a slowing real estate market, buyers often ask is it better to buy now with low interest rates or is it better to wait and see if prices will drop. If I had a crystal ball and could tell you this, I would probably be retired on a tropical island somewhere, but I can give you a couple of insights.

Interest rates have been hovering around 6.5 percent for over a year and there are no indications that this will change any time soon. The minor fluctuations in rates we have been seeing don’t really effect your payment much.

Say you have a loan for $100,000. At 6.5 percent the payment on a 30-year fixed rate loan is $650. If the interest rate drops by 0.5 percent it only brings your monthly payment down $5.00. You would have to see a dramatic drop (or increase) in rates for it too effect your pocket book.

Will housing prices drop? The National Association of Realtors is predicting a rising market throughout 2007. Also, it is almost March and spring is the busiest time of year in real estate. Historically, prices increase in the spring which means gambling on a drop in prices may not be a great gamble.

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