Summer Fun In Ludlow, VT – Part 1

Summer is in full swing and as the novelty of being out of school begins to wear off, most parents are bracing themselves for the inevitable “I’m booooored” that is just bound to come out of their children’s mouths soon. Luckily, beautiful Ludlow, VT has more to offer than just wintertime fun!

Below are links to several fun things to do with your children this summer to get them outside and enjoying this perfect time of year in Ludlow:

• State parks in southern Vermont
• Places to hike in south/south central Vermont
• Places to fish in south/south central Vermont

• Museums to visit in Vermont
• Factory tours in Vermont
• Go on a llama hike in Vermont!

For more information about living and real estate in Ludlow, VT please call me at 802-353-1983 or visit my Web site Happy trails, and here’s to an exciting second half of the summer!

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