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Okemo Mountain Real Estate: How Main Street Protects Against Wall Street

You can’t turn on a TV, computer or radio these days without hearing about financial crisis America is experiencing and the proposed $700 million dollar government bailout

It is still unclear how this legislation will affect every day folks like you and me, but there are some things we can do to protect our personal financial futures. 

Gibran Nicholas, chairman of the CMPS Institute, an organization that certifies mortgage bankers and brokers, makes 4 suggestions for protecting ourselves in today’s troubled economy in an article on

1 – Make Sure Your Investments Are Protected Through the SIPC. 

2 – Make Sure All Your Bank Accounts Are Covered with FDIC Insurance. 

3 – Max Out Your Home Equity Line of Credit Before Your Lender Cuts Off the Limit. 

4 – Stop Making Extra Mortgage Payments and Take Out a Mortgage Even If You Don’t Need One. 

Please read Nicholas’s entire article to best understand his suggestions. They are so important, I did not want to try to paraphrase his comments.

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