How Walk-able is Your Ludlow VT Neighborhood?

Get great free widgets at Widgetbox! This week I came across a website that is just so neat, I had to share it. allows you to type in any address, and it will rate the “walk-ability” of that property by calculating its distance to things like the nearest grocery store, movie theater, library, school, park, and pharmacy.10,000 steps per day to reap the many benefits of walking. Why not consider the walk-ability of a neighborhood if you are in the market for a new home or a vacation home in Ludlow? Or, if you have recently purchased a vacation home in Vermont, check out the walk-ability to various destinations in your new “neighborhood away from home.”website or call me today at 802-353-1983. I would love to help you find a new neighborhood to explore on foot!

We all know that walking is important for our health and, with all of the hype over “going green” lately, we know that walking instead of driving when possible is one way that we can all help to save the environment. In fact, it is recommended that adults tread

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