Why Not Sell Your South Central Vermont Home In Winter?

Are the winter blahs setting in? How can you keep them at bay and infuse your life with a new found purpose? That’s easy–put your South Central Vermont home on the market. Although spring is traditionally considered the optimum time to sell a home, there are positive aspects to selling in the winter.

Buyer time constraints: A majority of corporate moves take place around January, and transferees need to find a home quickly. Parents are also anxious to get their children settled in a new school as soon as possible. By the way, some experts believe it is better for a child to move during the school year as opposed to the summer months. Starting a new school immediately upon arriving in a new location allows for an easier time of making friends and establishing new routines.

Tax credit extension: Now that the Home Buyer Tax Credit Act deadline has been extended to April 30th, many first-time buyers and “repeat buyers” are seriously looking to purchase a South Central Vermont home–and soon!

Motivated buyers: In addition to those mentioned above, other potential buyers are also out there looking. Those who have recently sold their own home or renters whose lease is ending are desperately in need of a new home. Remember, too, that house shoppers who brave cold temperatures, hard rains, and possible flooding can surely be considered serious buyers.

Availability of professionals: Because the winter season is not a particularly busy one in the field of real estate transactions, agents, mortgage brokers, and settlement attorneys will be more accessible to you and your buyer. Questions may well be answered more quickly, problems anticipated in advance or solved more calmly, and settlement times more flexible and accommodating.

No matter when you put your house on the market, you must pay attention to pricing, maintenance, curb appeal, and staging. Some tips for these areas include the following:

Pricing: Be knowledgeable and realistic about the current prices of homes in your community and be guided by them–and by the advice of your real estate agent. Winter home buyers are looking for a property that is fairly and reasonably priced. Remember, a well-priced house will sell in any season.

Maintenance: Given today’s economy, potential buyers do not have extra cash to spend on repairs and are “turned off” by a house that appears to need work. Besides taking care of all items needing repair or replacement, it is certainly in your best interest to invest in a pre-inspection to reassure buyers that your home is indeed in good condition and is “move-in ready.”

Curb appeal: Be sure that walkways and lawns are free of fallen branches and leaves and trim overgrown bushes. Consider adding fresh mulch to existing beds. Make the entrance to your home attractive and provide a new door mat–and an umbrella receptacle during the rainy season.

Staging: During the winter season you need to make a particular effort to create a warm, welcoming, and inviting atmosphere inside your [city] home. Keep the temperature comfortable and cozy, have a fire burning in the fireplace, and use available lighting to brighten rooms and create cheery spaces. As always, clean until your house sparkles, remove large pieces of furniture to show off space, eliminate all clutter, and provide the pleasant aroma of freshly baked cookies.

So, “Why not sell in winter?” Be a savvy seller and take advantage of the opportunities offered by selling your South Central Vermont home in the early months of 2010. You’ll be sure to have a happy new year if you do!

What’s your South Central home worth?

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