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Ludlow Tent comes down!

Shaw’s Supermarket in Ludlow will be closing it’s temporary (tent) location at 7 p.m. on MONDAY January 16th and will celebrate it’s Grand Reopening at 7 a.m. on FRIDAY January 27th. During this 10 day closure the temporary store will be removed from the parking lot, making way for a totally renovated and expanded store.
We look forward to getting back into our permanent location and hope to see all of you there on opening day.”

This month’s featured town – Ludlow, VT

Main Street, Ludlow Vermont

When I decided to write about the town of Ludlow this month I envisioned a completely different blog from the one I am writing.

 I would have told you about the 250th celebration of Ludlow’s charter and posted a picture of the new flag designed to represent the occasion.  I might have mentioned the two kinds of coffee from the Vermont Coffee Company in Middlebury that Java Baba’s sells.  I could have told you that the Ludlow Shipping and Copy Center has relocated to 100 North next to Bella Luna and introduced you to Pam Timmerman.  I might have mentioned that the Coleman Brook Tavern is one of four Vermont Restaurants to receive the Wine Spectator Best of Award Excellence in 2011.

I could have given you the basic information about Ludlow.  It is a town in Windsor County, Vermont with a population of 2,449 in the 2000 census.  The village was well developed before anyone thought of skiing on Ludlow Mountain.  Now Ludlow is proud to be the home of Okemo Mountain, a very popular skiing area.

Ludlow is a town of natural and historic wonders, self – reliant and community – spirited people and shops and galleries that feature local favorites.  On Sunday August 28th, Ludlow was hit very hard by Tropical Storm Irene.  The Black River could not hold the steady and constant rain over a 24 hour period and overflowed its banks quickly and devastatingly in many parts of town.  You’ve seen the devastation to homes, businesses and our roads on television in the newspaper and on the internet. 

What you don’t see is the community spirit, the banding together and the progress that has been made so quickly!  Neighbors checked on neighbors and assisted when needed.  Second – homeowners called upon locals to check on their property – by car or on foot.  DJ’s opened their restaurant on Monday night offering a free buffet for anyone who needed food.  Knight Tubs was open for business on Wednesday even though their parking lot was destroyed and their basement flooded.  Shaw’s supermarket opened just one week after they were flooded – in a temporary tent set up in the parking lot. The Ludlow Health Center made the Dental Center its temporary home.   There are many businesses that didn’t flood and remained open.  The Local Ski Shops traditionally open on Labor Day weekend and so they did – business as usual in Ludlow!

These resilient and spirited people of Vermont are moving quickly to get their businesses open to be able to serve the community and return the town of Ludlow to the vibrant little village it is.  Kudos to everyone for working hard and fast, finding creative and temporary solutions and keeping the Vermont spirit alive!  Come visit!

Until next time, Irene


Ps:  and I’m NOT taking the name of this tropical storm personally!

Okemo Area Needs a Full Time Veterinarian!

Calling Animal lovers and Veterinarians! Existing, established Pet Care Services Business with boarding, doggy day care, some grooming. 20 inside/outside kennels with permits in place for 20 more.  Facility has room to expand to a full service Veterinary Clinic. Building, equipment and 6.74 acres are included. Excellent numbers and perfect location will make this the investment opportunity not to miss!   $469,000.00 – Call or e-mail for more Info.

Reasons To Take First Offer Seriously

Many Rutland and Okemo Mountain VT  home sellers look at the first offer on their home as just that, the First Offer with many more to come. You know what they say, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.’ And in the current Buyers Market, offers are few and far between. Rutland and Okemo Mountain VT  home sellers will want to consider the first offer very seriously. Here are reaskeys2ons why: 

  • An early offer (if you’re lucky!) doesn’t necessarily mean buyers are lining up to follow suit. It could just mean that your home meets the needs or preferences of that one particular buyer who made the offer.
  • Your home will get the most interest from buyers just after it goes on the market. The longer it stays on the market, the more “desperate” buyers will think you are, prompting lower and lower offers.
  • Even if the first offer is thousands lower than your list price, consider carefully whether it might be enough — in terms of price and contract terms — before rejecting it out of hand. After all, the longer your home is on the market, the more it costs you in mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, upkeep and sheer inconvenience.
  • If the offered price and contract terms are less than ideal, start negotiations by making a counteroffer, being as flexible with the terms as possible. It isn’t uncommon for buyers to offer a price below what they are truly willing to pay, sometimes much below, just to see if they can buy under market.

An offer indicates serious interest in your home — don’t underestimate that but don’t take it for granted, either.

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Just Listed in Ludlow Vermont


Wonderful renovated Office building on Main Street Ludlow.  Was Doctors office, now just waiting for your ideas.  First floor has reception area, plus 4 offices, upstairs 1 cute and comfy office.  This property was updated 7 years ago and has many uses – plenty of off street parking – walk outside and see Okemo Mountain.  This was once a single family home and is zoned res/comm.  Don’t miss this opportunity!  Just think about it – work and play at Okemo!

Ludlow VT Real Estate Market Report

Ludlow VT Real Estate Market Report

Trulia reports the average listing price for homes on Trulia in Ludlow Vermont, ZIP code 05149, was $646,657, for the week ending Feb 11, which represents a decline of 1.6%, or $10,317, compared to the prior week and a decline of 6.4%, or $44,355, compared to week ending Jan 21.

There are currently 208 resale and new homes in ZIP code 05149 on Trulia. The average listing price for homes for sale in 05149 was $646,657 for the week ending Feb 11, which represents a decrease of 1.6%, or $10,317, compared to the prior week.

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Ludlow VT Real Estate: Regulatory Reform Expected With Obama Presidency

Ludlow VT Real Estate: Regulatory Reform Expected With Obama Presidency

The upcoming presidential transition comes at a time of great challenges within the housing industry and the economy at large. Consequently, many are wondering what a Barack Obama presidency will mean for real estate and housing issues.

National Association of Realtors analysts expect the Obama administration and the new Democratic-controlled Congress to focus on regulatory reform of the financial services industry, with potential changes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

This fall, Obama responded to Realtor® Magazine‘s questions about the mortgage crisis, sustainable development, housing affordability and other topics.  Read the Obama interview.

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Ludlow VT Real Estate: Is Owning Rental Property Right For You

Ludlow VT Real Estate: Is Owning Rental Property Right For You 

Investing in Ludlow VT real estate and owning rental property sounds glamorous, but it isn’t for everyone.

Be sure you know what you’re getting into and understand what you are getting into before signing on the dotted line. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing an investment property:

•   Where will the down payment come from for this property?

•   Do you have cash reserves so you handle periods of vacancy, i.e. no income?

•   How about reserves for unexpected repairs and other expenses?

•   Do you need property to rent immediately or do you have time and money for a “fixer-upper”?

•   Will you make needed renovations and repairs or hire someone else for the job?

•   What type of property do you want: single family, apartment, duplex, condominium, or vacation property?

Thinking it through ahead of time assures that you won’t get caught making a rash decision you will regret later.

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Ludlow VT Home Buying Mistakes; How To Avoid Them.

No matter what the condition of the housing market, purchasing a Ludlow VT home is a major commitment and a vital financial decision. A home is much more than a financial investment; it is an investment in a new lifestyle and a new way of looking at property. Those who are unprepared to make the leap from renting to home ownership can make some costly mistakes, and learning to avoid those blunders is vital.

Think With Your Head Not Your Heart
One of the most common mistakes made by first time home buyers is allowing emotion to rule the day. Although buying a home can be an emotional process, there are some things home buyers can do to prevent emotional ties from getting in the way of sound financial discipline. 

While it is all too easy to picture your family relaxing in the backyard of a new home, take a step back and look at the home with the eyes of an investor. Pretend for a moment that you are not going to live in the house but are buying it as a pure investment. Is it still just as attractive, or has it lost some of its appeal? Emotional attachment is fine, but it should not overrule your good judgment.

Consider All the Costs of Home Ownership  
Buying more house than they can afford is a classic blunder for many first time homeowners. One of the chief culprits behind this error is factoring in only the cost of the mortgage versus the cost of continuing to rent. While it is certainly appealing to go from collecting rent receipts to building up home equity, keep in mind that the costs of owning a home do not end with the monthly mortgage check.

Don’t Try to Time the Market
Market timing doesn’t work in the stock market, and it doesn’t work in the home market either. Although it can be tempting to try to wait for the market to hit rock bottom, you may be left out in the cold when the market starts to turn around. Many professionals, including home builders, lenders and real estate investors, have a great deal of difficulty timing the market, even with all their specialized knowledge and experience.

While some Ludlow VT home buyers will be lucky enough to sell their existing homes at the top of the market and buy their next one when the market craters, most of us will not be so lucky. There are bargains to be found in every real estate market; the key is to arm yourself with as much information as possible and shop smart. 

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